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2017 - February

An exciting new venue for me this year!  South Coast Ford, where I have worked previously has offered me the position of Sales Manager.  This will be the true test of training my own team, and helping this store reach new levels of volume, profit, and customer satisfaction.  Getting all departments pulling in the same direction is one of the tasks that I will also face.  Problem solving has always been one of my favourite jobs, and there are a few things that need a bit of correction.  I will love the challenge!

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As another year has blown by, the life of learning has continued. 2016 saw a lot of strife in Alberta, with job losses, and then the terrible fire in Fort Mac.  Saskatchewan suffered a very wet summer, which hurt quite a number of farmers, while BC and Manitoba seemed to keep chugging along.

Our team practiced doing more with less; we invited fewer customers, and sold the same number or often more.  Absolute Results kept on growing, moving into 15 countries, and adding more manufacturers to those that want us to help their dealers sell vehicles.  The number of my events dropped to 58 this year, with a total of 620 vehicles sold. I was fortunate enough to work with some great dealer teams, which allowed us to set new private sale records in a number of stores.

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July 2013

Since 1987, I've sold new and used Hyundai, Ford, GM, Toyota, and Honda, along with new and used RV.  I was fortunate enough to have the aptitude to fill in during Business Office absences, as well as offer bookkeeping and controller services when necessary.  Growing up in business gave me a lot of experience that has come in handy!  I worked in Guelph, Kitchener, Woodstock and London in Ontario; Sechelt, White Rock, and Kamloops in BC.

After 25 years of selling vehicles, I applied to, and was hired by Absolute Results.  This company partners itself with manufacturers, securing extra discounts, that the Trainer hands out during a special invitation event at the dealership.  I started on this rollercoaster ride in mid-August after shadowing 3 events to learn what to do, and then the whirl wind began!

I finished this year hosting 23 events, and selling 182 cars.  A reasonable start, considering that you don't go to the bigger stores as a new Trainer.  As a company, we hosted 4235 events, selling 64,625 cars!

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Wow, what a year has just ended!  Flying around this vast country, has taken me to places that I never would have otherwise gotten to.  Helping dealers sell cars; helping salespeople become better at what they do, and become better people, to be a part of this great country that we share!

The calendar year of 2015 was a little slower for the number of events, as I hosted 68 events, selling 762 cars!  Slightly fewer events, but better results!  As a company, we hosted 6,926 events, selling 112,234 cars, in 12 different countries!  Now that's making a difference!

Absolute Results is certainly a team that shares amongst themselves.  When one person finds a process that works to make an event better, there is no problem sharing that with the rest of the group.  We get better as a team!

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Absolute Results asked all of their Trainers to become incorporated, so as to solidify the independent contractor relationship with the company.  At this time, Corporate One Dealer Events Ltd. came to life.  The short form of CODE, is something I use to set aside the extra discounts assigned to those selected to join in our event.

In this calendar year, I hosted 72 events, selling 673 vehicles!  Our events are usually 3 days long, with the first day being training about what should happen over the next 3 days, and the effort necessary to be successful.  As a company, we hosted 5,937 events, selling 93,613 cars!  A considerable increase in sales from the year before!

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