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The Regrowth of Canada

Economists seem to agree, that raising interest rates to curb inflation, may have worked in the 80s, during a time of entirely different economic influences, but real people now are suffering in ever growing numbers, due to poor decision making by our Government and the Bank of Canada.

They have decided to wipe out more of the already declining middle income segment of our country, thereby widening the gap between the haves, and the have nots. Raising interest rates doesn’t effect the poor, because they can’t borrow money; the banks won’t give it to them. The wealthy have money, so they only borrow it, if that means making more money than it costs to borrow, and more than their investments are already making. Banks love to lend them more.

The middle income segments typically carries the debt. They have mortgages, and car loans, and lines of credit, all to support the future they are trying to build for themselves, and their family. This is the group that suffers now through the tremendous interest rate growth. This is the group that is selling off assets, so that they don’t lose other assets, due to unaffordability. This is the group that could lose everything, including their family unit or health, from the stress of our current state.

The middle income group are the spenders that keep our economy moving. They are buying clothes, and bicycles, electronics and books, and supporting the sports and arts development of their kids. Why do we want to curb that growth? Why do we want to hurt the entrepreneurs that operate and teach our youth to take part in the parts of society that will help them grow into contributing members.

Since when does Canada not have a vision for our country? Why is there no political leader that has a plan to change the downward spiral of our middle segment? Why should we vote for any party, that only offers more of the same?

Perhaps we need to look at what some other countries do differently, and perhaps better.

Middle income earners and investors carry mortgages, with the difference being that the investors are able to write off the interest against their income. They pay a capital gain tax upon disposal of the asset, if they realize one, after whatever period of ownership they had. The middle income earner has an $800,000 lifetime capital gains exemption from any source of gain throughout their life. Why can’t they write off the mortgage interest against their income, while they are trying to build their future, and a life for themselves and their family? That way, rising interest rates would hurt them less. The banks and those with similar tied assets are the only ones winning through raising of the interest rates, and neither would suffer from the tax saving realized by the struggling family person. After all, a portion of those savings will come back when the asset is taxed upon disposal.

Ireland for one, seems to have a good system for looking after the seniors of its nation. The ones that have established home ownership, may offer a portion of that to the government for a lifetime of care, when they need it most. The balance goes to their estate when they no longer need it. I’m not certain how those that don’t own any real estate are treated, but we have the opportunity to create another concept of what it means to be Canadian.

Why is it that some schools in some districts can provide a hot lunch program for their students, yet others let them go hungry? Science has already stated that a hungry child doesn’t learn as well as one that is nourished. Let’s include all students in the group of nourished learners, so that we turn out better leaders for our future generations.

We talk about inclusion in Canada, and how important that is to our society, and to us as Canadians. We want all groups to be available to any person that would like to be included, with little restriction placed upon how that takes place. What about including Canadians? When my grandfather came to Canada in 1930, he became Canadian, and learned to speak English or French, the languages of the land. Why do we have communities where the street signs and store signs are not in either language? Why are Canadians not included there? We are a country that supports freedom of religion and speech, included in our constitution. I think that means including all of those that have chosen to become Canadian, in any and every community. If inclusion means opportunity, then it should apply equally to every community, and every group.

Is it considered inclusion, when decisions are based upon appearance? Some groups may struggle to add a person of a certain race, or gender, or preference in order to suggest that they support inclusion? Do their day to day operations support their desire to be inclusive?

We have segments of our society that will never be inclusive, and it won’t matter how much genuine kindness or compassion may be exhibited by the groups that are excluded or prohibited, those groups will still be persecuted. An example of this is having a dormitory for LGBTQ individuals, that is separate from the rest. Is that for the safety of the group? Nowhere is inclusion supported more, than with the Canadian public school system.

Let’s include our middle income earners in those with opportunity. Let’s open the door for lower income earners to take that step of ownership, and be included with the landowners of Canada. Let’s define Canada, and what it means to be here, and to be Canadian. How much and for how long do you have to contribute to Canada to have the benefits of someone that was born here, and contributed for 40 or 50 years of work.

We know that since Covid, if we didn’t have immigrant workers, many businesses would have gone by the wayside. Those hard working people that want to call Canada home, have saved our country! How do we thank them for their contribution to our communities?

Being Canadian is an honour that is recognized worldwide, so let’s show the world why it is so.

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