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Road To Nowhere

The Sunshine Coast Bypass to Nowhere

BC Ferries Road Sign

Back in 1994 or so, the first leg of the Sunshine Coast Bypass was opened. This 3 kilometre stretch of highway bypasses the winding section of North Road, to droptraffic at the top of a hill, where it joins back onto North Road, before thundering on to points further north west of the Langdale Ferry Terminal. This achieved a two lane race to the top of the hill, where the traffic has to merge with little warning into one lane, before turning left to head to the old highway.

Thirty years later, this highway has not progressed another foot! Neither BC Ferries, whose property this is, nor Highways, can even be bothered to clean the sign.

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Sunshine Coast Ferry Fix

The Sunshine Coast Marine Highway Needs Some Improvement!

The Lower Sunshine Coast is a 40 minute ferry ride that is 8.3 nautical miles from Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver, on a peninsula of mainland BC that is not accessible by any road, and has limited access by air. BC Ferries operates the marine highway (ferry service) that allows tourists and local residents to travel back and forth. BC Ferries offers 8 returns trips per day.

The Upper Sunshine Coast is a 50 minute ferry ride that is 80.5 km, or about 75 minutes by road, and 9.99 nautical miles north-west of the Langdale Ferry Terminal, on another peninsula of mainland BC, but even less accessible by land than the Lower Sunshine Coast. BC Ferries operates the marine highway between the Upper and Lower Sunshine Coast, and also between the Upper Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island. Upper Sunshine Coast residents might typically go to Vancouver Island, before making a journey to Vancouver, as most medical and shopping is available with just one ferry sailing. BC Ferries offers 8 returns trips per day.

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Fix the Leaks

How much water are we losing from leaks?

As we prepare to endure another year of water restrictions, and risk of forest fire, that we may not be able to fight without water bombers, how much of our precious resource is washing out to shore from Non-Revenue Water Loss? This is water lost through the distribution system before it reaches a paying customer.

The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) completed a study in 1997 to estimate the investment needs in water and wastewater infrastructure over the period 1997-2012. This study indicated that there were more than 112,000 kilometres of water mains in Canada with an estimated replacement cost of $34 billion. In addition, this study estimated that $12.5 billion would have to be invested over this 15-year period to replace existing (deteriorated) water mains and to construct new mains to service the projected growth.

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Has the Sunshine Coast Grown Up?

Do 35,000 people really need 3 local governments?

Back in the 90s, the BC Government was in favour of amalgamation of the unincorporated areas of the Sunshine Coast, into one or more incorporated areas. This action would’ve given our remote area more autonomy into our own affairs. An example of this is the District of Sechelt, which governs a population greater than 5,000 people.

What was then known as the Sechelt Indian Government District would always remain outside of any other amalgamated areas, so they will not be considered a part of any restructuring conversation here.

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