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Louis Hornung

Never a dull moment!

Do the Right Thing!

BC Election 2024

Louis Hornung
MLA Powell River / Sunshine Coast
Do the Right thing!

We need to be an inclusive community, where everyone is represented equally, and fairly. We are all citizens of British Columbia, Canada, and as Canadians we need to show the rest of Canada, and the world, that we are, what being Canadian means; caring, just and fair.

We have endured decades of favouritism by all levels of government, and that is not what the Canadian Charter of Rights guarantees us. It’s time that we stand up for the right thing; equality!

I need an Auditor; responsible to file an Election Financing Report if contributions or expenses exceed $10,000.

I need a Financial Agent; responsible to record all donations of any kind, issue receipts, and file a financial report containing all transactions from the established bank account.

If the Auditor and Financial Agent are the same person, a Deputy Financial Agent might be a handy person, to help with document generation.

A Campaign Manager would be a very helpful person to me, as they would handle many activities related to the campaign, that I would otherwise need to deal with.

I need signatures of residents of the Powell River / Sunshine Coast electoral area, that believe I would represent them in a manner they would appreciate; I would like at least 100. Please gather as many as you can, in order to start the wheels of change in motion.

Download SIGNATURES form.

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